Stay at a hotel, IQ Callao, near the biggest cultural attractions
(Double rooms; single rooms assigned to unpaired students at extra cost – see how this is determined)

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May, 2015

ENG294 Buenos Aires: Capital of Culture (3 credit hours). Can also count as an Honors course.

Instructors: Dr. Paula Kamenish and Ms. Shirley Mathews

It counts as a Spring 2015 course; the immersion experience is in May.

Cost: does not include airfare or transfer from the airport

The following is a sample itinerary. We add live music performances, visits to authors and other activities as they become available.

 UNCW Classroom Meetings

April TBA (at UNCW)        Introduction to Argentine film

April TBA (at UNCW)       Using maps and websites to create virtual walking tours.

April TBA (at UNCW)      Introduction to 20th-century Argentine literature, painting, and music.

April TBA (at UNCW)              Crash Course in Spanish led by Spanish faculty member and native Argentine


 Thursday, May 14            Travel from North Carolina to EZE. Arrive morning of May 15.

 Friday, May 15    Arrival morning of May 15. Walking tour of neighborhood,  plus lesson on how to use taxi, metro, and bus. Visit to coffee shop. Planning discussion for Sabato’s “Tunnel” final project.

Saturday, May 16          Discussion of Borges’ “South.” Bus tour of the city (if rainy, this will be rescheduled)

 Sunday, May 17              In morning, more discussion of “Tunnel.” Afterwards, explore the open-air flea market in Recoleta, just outside of the cemetery.

 Monday, May 18            In morning, discussion of Cortázar’s “Axolotl.” Tour of Recoleta Cemetery; bring snacks; this will last at least three hours.

 Tuesday, May 19           At noon, visit to Xul Solar museum. Afterwards lunch and discussion. Walking tour of Avenida Santa Fe.

Wednesday, May 20      Visit MALBA and start working on the assignment relating to Maria Marciiano’s short story “Men.” Bring your student IDs to get in.

 Thursday, May 21         Meet in lobby at usual time and walk to Nuevos Sabores, Laprida 1805 for breakfast. After, walk a couple of blocks to El Museo Borges, where at 11 a.m., we will take a guided tour of this author, the most famous and beloved in Argentina. Break for lunch, and meet at 2:30 p.m. in the main entry of the Biblioteca Nacional (go inside – you’ll see a reception desk and metal detectors) for 3 p.m. guided tour in English  (En inglés: lunes martes y jueves a las 15 hs., en el Hall de la Biblioteca. Para más información: Asociación Protectores de la Biblioteca Nacional (011)  4806-9764 o (011) 4808-6024  Free evening.

Friday, May 22               Meet before 6 p.m. in the lobby, so we can be in a cab no later than 6 p.m. to go to La Viruta (Cabrera y Armenia) for a tango lesson. It’s about a 45 peso ride, so plan for that. Also, bottles of water are about 10 pesos. The entrada (40 pesos if you decide you love it) gets you in for all of the lessons and the dance that follows. You can literally dance till dawn at this place. On you own for getting home.  Optional daytime activity: Botero exhibit at the Fine Arts museum.

Saturday, May 23            At breakfast, more discussion of “Tunnel” and how the final project is coming. Free morning. At 1 p.m. be at Torre Paris, a cafe at the corner of Marcel T. deAlvear and Libertad. We will be having lunch with Hugo Gambini, who wrote the definitive biography of Che Guevera, and his translator/wife Alicia. This will be a real lunch, so you can order (fairly) freely. Afterwards, explore the city on the Argentine May Revolution Day. Optional: Tours of the Casa Rosada are every 10 minutes, and we may get lucky with the crowds. Free.

 Sunday, May 24              After breakfast, walk to the San Telmo flea market, ending at Plaza Dorrego. Free evening. Optional: Casa Rosada tour; it’s open till 6 p.m. and tours leave every 10 minutes. We’d probably want to be there 4:30-ish.

 Monday, May 25             Free day for shopping and sightseeing, working on the “Tunnel” final project. I will be going tango dancing this evening at a different place, and you are totally welcome to accompany me if you like.

 Tuesday, May 26            Free day to work on final project. Steak dinner in evening at restaurant of students’ choice. Optional activities include touring the Teatro Colón, Palacio Paz, the gardens of Palermo and/or the Bridge of Women at Puerto Madero. And much more.

Wednesday 27                 Free morning. Goodbye lunch at cafe of students’ choice. Discussion of student journals, reading of microfiction story and presentation of “Tunnel” project at a café chosen by students.

Thursday, May 28          Arrange transport to Airport. Travel from EZE to ILM (or wherever your final destination is). Ride to airport may be US $30-40, so leave enough for that.

Some Course Materials Online

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