Photo Album – May 2012

Day 1 Buenos Aires – We land in the morning at EZE and go for a walk around the neighborhood.

Day 2 Xul Solar – We pile into a bus (thank you, subte strike!) and head for Palermo and the Xul Solar Museum

Day 3 4 Recoleta and Tango – We wander the streets of the Recoleta Cemetery, then walk up to Avenida Santa Fe and El Ateneo Bookstore. In the evening, we hike up Tucumán to Suipacha and the Confitería Ideal for a tango lesson and milonga.

Day 5 Recoleta Flea Market and Cortázar – The day begins with a discussion of Axolotl. We then walk back to Recoleta and wander the field in front of the Recoleta Cemetery, now filled with stalls and people selling jewelry and other trinkets. La Biela is the perfect place to wind up the day with coffee and funny waiters.

Day 6 Eduardo Tami – We all go to La Paila on Costa Rica, eat empanadas and luscious brownies with ice cream, and listen to this internationally renowned trio of musicians play tango songs.

Day 7 The City by Bus; Borges lecture – We tour the city by bus, stopping off at the final resting place of José de San Martín, Plaza de Mayo, and a long walk around the colorful La Boca section of the city. In the afternoon, renowned author and Borges expert María Martes Marciano talks about the nostalgia of the author’s voice and mingles the class with  her own Argentine students, giving UNCW scholars an opportunity to make friends with people their own age.

Day 8 The modern art museum and minificcion – Students read aloud from a minificción of Marciano’s, then are challenged to discover their own voice at the Museo de Arte Latinoamericano de Buenos Aires (MALBA).

Day 9 The Museum on Anchorena – We spend a couple of hours at the Museo Borges, where María Kodama, Borges’ widow, has created a fitting tribute to the most revered author in Argentina. We are also allowed, as scholars, to go up to examine Jorge Luis Borges’ own library on the top, sunlit floor of the house. We are invited by the guide to handle the books, open them, sit and read them — our hands turning the very pages that Borges himself turned.

Day 10 11 Discussing Sabato; Emptying the Wallet at the San Telmo Flea Market – After a poolside discussion of The Tunnel, nothing’s more fun than spending the day in one of the best flea markets in the world. If students had any hope of having money left over, it is dashed in the face of so much silver, jewelry, art and other fantastic treasures offered all the way up and down Defensa.

Day 12 Saying Goodbye at Cafe Tortoni – The morning is spent on a brief tour of Teatro Colón. In the afternoon, one of the 10 most beautiful coffeehouses in the world is the site of the goodbye party for the students. ¡Adios, Buenos Aires!


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