Single? or Double?

The hotel offers single or double (twin beds) rooms only.

The good news: A two-person room is the same price as the one-person room.

But this also creates a dilemma: What happens if we have an odd number of women or men on the trip?

The answer: The unpaired student is assigned a single room, and the student bears the extra cost him/herself.

How we determine “unpaired.” Nope, it’s not who’s best friends with whom; it’s who returns their correctly completed application to Dr. Kamenish first. The last one in is deemed “unpaired.”

The process:

  1. Enroll in ENG294 – Buenos Aires: Capital of Culture when registration opens in November. Enrolling in this Spring class is done the same way as enrolling in any other, more traditional class.
  2. Go to International Programs in Friday Annex and pay the $225 study abroad deposit and get a receipt.
  3. Fill out the Summer & Short-Term Study Abroad Application Checklist.
  4. Fill out the Health Information and Emergency Treatment Form.
  5. Fill out Participant Agreement
  6. Paperclip one ID-sized photo to the top document. Your name must be printed on the back.
  7. Print out and attach an Academic Transcript (an unofficial one printed out from SeaNet is fine)

Hand Dr. Kamenish these documents; the last one handed to her will be the “unpaired student(s)” and will be assigned a single room.

“Hand” is defined as “actually putting the correctly completed documents in her hands.” Putting the completed application documents in Dr. Kamenish’s mailbox – even if they are early – does not ensure pairing. If she does not go to her mailbox until late, any application in there may not be seen and may be in her hands last. If the application is last, that student will be deemed “unpaired.”

Also, if the application has not been completed correctly (Ex. transcript is missing, photo is missing, etc.), it is not considered handed in until it is complete.

Last resort: If a student has been deemed “unpaired” and faces bearing the cost of a single room, that student still has the option of dropping out of the course. The $225 deposit made to International Programs may or may not be refunded, depending on the timing and the circumstances.

Here’s the International Programs general information page on applying.


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